About this website

This website is about differences in development of Africa and Asia. It offers innovative maps, data banks, research tools and open access.

1. Indicators of the Cultural Heritage:

Atlas of Pre-Colonial Societies:
a) National indicators of the cultural heritage: Complete coverage of 87 African and Asian countries, based on thousands of ethnographic reports of the 19th and the first part of the 20th century.
b) Comprehensive maps, visualizing the geographic distribution of traditional cultural traits (economical, political and kinship structures).
c) A database of cultural variables on ethnic level, organized by countries (Excel files).
d) Results of cross-cultural and cross-national research conducted with the variables of the ATLAS

The colonial transformation dataset

2. Research and Publications:

a) Atlas of pre-colonial societies (in German) (Atlas vorkolonialer Gesellschaften: Berlin 1999)
b) Cross-Cultural and Cross-national studies based on the cultural indicators of the ATLAS and the colonial transformation dataset (Research and Publications)
c) Studies on the impact of the cultural heritage on development.

3. Scientific Guidelines:

The editor is committed to the following scientific principles:

  • empirical social research
  • interdisciplinary approach
  • comparative and quantitative methodology
  • historical perspective
  • multilevel analysis, linking local, national and regional units of analysis.

4. Open Access:

The maps, data and manuscripts on this website may be downloaded unrestrictedly. However, the content of all parts of this website is licenced under the Creative Commons 3.0 licence.

Suggestions and critical reviews are highly appreciated. The acceptance of new material to this website is subject to the approval by the editor.
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