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World Development

Pre-Colonial Socio-Political Complexity

Publications, Reports, and Presentations

Larcom, Shaun. 'Accounting for Legal Pluralism: The Impact of Pre-colonial Institutions on Crime'. Law and Development Review 6, no. 1 (2013): 25-59. [Link]

Ziltener, Patrick, and Hans-Peter Mueller. ‘The Weight of the Past: Traditional Agriculture, Socio-political Differentiation and Modern Development in Africa and Asia: A Cross-National Analysis’. International Journal of Comparative Sociology 48, no. 5 (2007): 371–415. [Link]

Mueller, Hans-Peter and Patrick Ziltener. `The Structural Roots of Values: Hofstede's Value Dimensions in the Light of Traditional Social Organization. In Comparing Cultures: Dimensions of Culture in a Comparative Perspective’. ed. Henk Vinken, Joseph Soeters and Peter Ester, 122-140. Leiden: Brill, 2004.

The structural roots of values (PDF, 75 KB)

Ziltener, Patrick, Wolf Linder, and Hans-Peter Mueller. ‘Cultural and Political Foundation of SocioEconomic Development in Africa and Asia’. Technical Report to the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Zurich, September 2001.

UNITAR Report (PDF, 584 KB)

Annexes and Bibliography (PDF, 504 KB)

Mueller, Hans-Peter. ‘Local Traditions in Global Competition’. Paper presented at the International Seminar on Culture and Development, UNESCO. Waseda University, Tokyo (Japan). 13-14 Dezember 1996 (46 pages).

Local Traditions in Global Competition (PDF, 705 KB)