Documentation of Cultural Units

The national indicators of the cultural heritage originate from the aggregated codings of local (ethnic) units. With intent to keep this process open to scrutiny, the databank of Cultural Units presents a track record of the decisions with respect to the selection, naming and coding process.

This is a predominantly ethnographic documentation. Access is offered through the alphabetical list below. Knowing at least one name of an ethnic unit, but not its localization, alternative names (where applicable) can be found in the List of all Cultural Units. With this, the unit´s documentation will be found through the alphabet below.

Since the document includes the country or countries of residence, it is easy to find the unit on the identification map. A short way to find the whereabouts of Cultural Units leads through a list linking each ethnic unit to the relevant country or countries.

List of country links (PDF, 59 KB)

More (PDF, 64 KB)

Template (PDF, 62 KB)

Example (PDF, 9 KB)