The matrix below informs about the organization of, and access to the numerical data and the anthropological sources behind them.

The three horizontal lines 1 to 3 distinguish between three different kinds of data:

  1. Ethnological documents organized by countries
  2. Ethnological documents organized by local cultural units
  3. All the numerical variables offered for download (Excel files)

The two vertical columns A and B distinguish between data of local cultural units (local level) and Countries (national level).

The documents are taken from the Atlas of Pre-Colonial Societies (Reimer 1999 - in German) with CD-Rom and printed maps of 80 x 40 cm in size (English naming).

Level of Information:
Arrangement of Data:
A) local/ethnicB) national
1) Documents organized by CountriesCultural Units and Ethnic Variables by Countries

Cultural composition of Regions and Countries (Cultural Units)
2) Documents organized by Cultural UnitsNaming and Coding of the Cultural Units in alphabetical Order (in German only)-
3) Data matrix (Excel-Files)Matrix of 38 ethnological Variables X 2440 Cultural UnitsMatrix of 52 Cultural Indicators X 88 Countries