Variables of Local Units

The data matrix of the local level is an Excel File of 2440 Cultural Units in 95 African and Asian countries. The variables are identical with the variables in the national data set with two differences:

  1. On the ethnic level, the five original codings of EA56 - EA64 about the sexual division of labor (Codebook) are listed together with the two related indices AWD (Asymmetric Work Distribution) and MDS (Male Dominance in Subsistence production). On the national level, only the two indices are included.
  2. On the ethnic level, the five typologies of (i) traditional economy, (ii) family, (iii) kinship, (iv) marriage and (v) political structure take the form of five variables with categories of different types. On the national level, however, each category (type) of the five typologies is a variable of its own, measuring the proportion (percentage) of the category in a country the proportion (percentage) of the category in a country.

The values of the variables parallel the values of the third column (R) in the Country Documentation. For the discussion of the variables see Cultural Heritage.

Data Matrix (Excel File) (XLS, 3 MB)