Summary Table

The following table gives a overview of the main menus and submenus. More detailed documents are accessible as pdf-files. These documents in German language are copied from the Atlas of Pre-Colonial Societies (in German).

Main MenusSubmenus
IntroductionBasic Questions
Topic of the menus and sub-menus.
Approach: Focal question and methodology.
Maps: Cartographic representation of cultural units and cultural variables.
Cultural Heritage (with maps) Structural complexity of Society
Thematic Maps
Subsistence Economy: Types of traditional food production
Political Hierarchy: Types of socio-political differentiation
Agrotechnical Efficciency Index (ATE)
Sociopolitical Differenciation Index (SPD)
Structural Complexity: Sum of ATE and SPD
Family- and Kinship Structures
Mode of Marriage: Extent and direction of marriage transactions
Family Organization: Marital and household composition; Polygyny
Kinship System: Rules of descent
Intergenerational Status transfer: Rules of descent, residence, inheritance of land and succession to the office of local headman
Lineage Structures Index
Patri-/Matrifocality Index
Sexual Division of Labor Index
Cultural Homogeneity
National Fractionalization: Proportion of largest cultural units
Cultural Units (with maps) Identification Maps
Country Documentation: North Africa/West Asia with comments
Country Documentation: Middle Asia with comments
Country Documentation: South and East Asia with comments
Country Documentation: Melanesia with comments
Country Documentation: Subsaharan Africa with comments
Methodology: Major methodological choices (in German)
ResearchCross-national Analyses on the influence of pre-colonial socialstructures upon post-colonial development;
Cross-cultural Analyses on structural regularities and changes in cultural evolution.
DataCountry documentation: Listing and localizing of all cultural units with codes of 52 variables, by countries
Documentation of cultural units: Naming and rationale of coding
Datamatrix I: 52 cultural indicators of 88 countries
Datamatrix II: Anthropological variables (ranked) of 2440 cultural units
About the author Profile of the main author of the ATLAS